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Innovation Sprint logoInnovation Sprint Sprl offers edge technology solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences business sectors, focusing on Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data (RWD). Innovation Sprint has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in IT solutions, Data Science, eHealth, and Clinical Research, with more than 20 years of experience in Healthcare domain and a strong research background with more than 500+ peer-reviewed papers and 35.000+ research citations. The company’s main product – Healthentia – is a Class I Medical Device with a CE mark that captures clinical outcomes from mobile-, medical- and IoT devices, using a patient-centric mobile application and offers AI-driven smart services, such as deep behavioural phenotyping, in silico trials, and virtual coaching. 

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Innovation Sprint is providing RE-SAMPLE with (a) the Real-World Data collection and management mechanisms and (b) the applications for patient engagement (addressed to the patients) and for professional management (addressed to the healthcare professionals). For the applications, Innovation Sprint also implements and tests the real-time predictions of the RE-SAMPLE trained models applied on new data. Finally, Innovation Sprint leads the innovation management, exploitation, and business planning activities of RE-SAMPLE.