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RE-SAMPLE started in March 2021 and is a four year project funded by the European Horizon 2020 research programme. Together with ten European partners, we want to develop an eHealth technology that can help investigate what can cause COPD symptoms to worsen (=exacerbation or flare ups) so that these can be treated faster and that possible damage can be limited. Furthermore, the RE-SAMPLE eHealth solution aims to support

To develop RE-SAMPLE, we need input from potential end-users, as they are experts on what it means to live with COPD and other chronic conditions, how to provide treatment and in what way technology can support these activities. For this purpose, we often invite patients and healthcare professionals to participate in RE-SAMPLE, for example, by filling in a survey, being interviewed, join a workshop with other patients or professionals, etc.

What to do if you are interested?

By filling in the form below you indicate that you are interested. We ask for your name, phone number, email address and which role you have (e.g., patient, physician, nurse, physiotherapist) so we can contact you. When you complete this form, you are not committed to do anything. You only give us permission to contact you.

What happens after you signed up for the RE-SAMPLE end-user panel?

After you filled in the form below, we are allowed to contact you. First we will send you a survey, so that we know a bit more about you. That is because sometimes we have very specific questions, for example, for people with COPD who also have a heart condition. Or we want to do a workshop in person, so we would like to contact people in the region.

When we have prepared a study, we will then contact and ask you if you are interested in participating. You do not have to agree immediately. We will send you further information first, so that you can take your time to look at what the study is about and you can take your time before you decide to join.

It is important to know that participation in scientific research is always on a voluntary basis and that you may refuse to participate at any time or stop if you wish to do so at a later stage.

What do we do with your data?

We use the information you provide to contact you if we are looking for people to participate in studies within the RE-SAMPLE project. This information will only be made available to partners in RE-SAMPLE who wish to get in touch with potential participants at that time.


Do you have any questions or comments? Email us at re-sample@utwente.nl.

Join the RE-SAMPLE End-user Panel