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Oliver Blake (MES-CoBraD)

Webinar “Real-world data in medical research: harnessing their potential and addressing challenges with MES-CoBRaD, RE-SAMPLE and RETENTION”

On 20 November 2023, RE-SAMPLE met two other projects (MES-CoBRaD and RETENTION) to discuss the potential of real-world data (RWD) in advancing medical research and healthcare.

The session brought together experts from three European research projects that utilise RWD to tackle complex medical challenges, contributing to a digital transformation in healthcare delivery. These expert speakers shared their experiences and insights on acquiring, analysing, and applying RWD within their respective projects, as well as addressing the challenges of collecting, anonymising, harmonising, and combining data.

The event focused  on the remarkable potential of RWD and its application in enhancing healthcare outcomes, and brought insights into the challenges and best practices for medical research, as well as for clinical practice.

You can watch the replay of the event below and on the RE-SAMPLE YouTube channel.

MES-CoBraD (Enhancing Complex Brain Disorder Management with RWD). Presented by Elissaios Karageorgiou.

In this presentation, we discovered how the MES-CoBraD project employs RWD to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Complex Brain Disorders. Experts discussed their approach to recruiting and collecting data. They also shared strategies for using, reusing, extending and expanding RWD within and beyond the current scope of the platform, while addressing privacy concerns, data management and participant recruitment.

RETENTION (Heart Failure Patient Management and Interventions using continuous patient monitoring outside hospitals and RWD). Presented by Maria Roumpi and Nikos Vasileiou.

The project is targeting the development of an innovative platform supporting enhanced clinical monitoring and interventions aimed at improving the clinical management of patients with chronic Heart Failure. During this section, the path starting from the integration of devices to collect RWD leading to the sharing of data/models was explored, with a focus on data harmonisation, interoperability and the re-usability of the final solution.

RE-SAMPLE (Real-Time Data Monitoring for Shared, Adaptative, Multi-domain and Personalised Prediction and Decision-making for Long-term Pulmonary Care Ecosystems). Presented by Prof. Christos Kalloniatis and Dr. Anke Lenferink.

In this presentation, we learned how RE-SAMPLE approached RWD medical data and GDPR. More specifically, this project highlighted issues related to data anonymisation. This section looked closely at the process for obtaining consent in various cases.

dr. A. Lenferink (Anke)
Assistant Professor